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Business IT Certification

The language of technology is an advantage for managers and leaders in the digital age. The decisions that involve technology define the future of the organization, its position in the coming years and ultimately, a competitive advantage.

Mastering the concepts like Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobility, Robotics and related technologies helps to decide technology and technology projects that have to be implemented in the organization, with foundations and knowledge.

tech partners

The technological partners for the program are the companies that lead the technology worldwide, and each one has collaborated in their major specialization in the program.

The themes are addressed from the perspective of business, not technology. The target audience are professionals NOT technologists.

Speak the language of the Digital Age


To accredit knowledge and digital capabilities for leaders, managers, business and company professionals who need to lead both the Digital Transformation and projects that involve technology.


Professionals from all areas, especially those who have responsibilities with people, projects, or transformation of their companies, or departments into the digital age.


The Foundations Certificate validates knowledge and serves as a standard to make possible the validation of knowledge, and bring confidence in professionals. The certificate is issued by APMG-International, the largest certifier of people in the world.

Authorized Training Organizations

Training is only delivered through ATOs, which have demonstrated their ability to deliver quality training, and have passed the accreditation process.

To know the accreditation organizations or to become an ATO, click the following link:



  • Introduction to leadership in the digital age

  • The value of Data

  • Technologies from the third platform

  • Digital Transformation

  • Differences with Digitization

  • Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

  • Social Technologies

  • Blockchain

module 2

  • Disruptive Technologies

  • Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Computing Procurement Models

  • Cloud Computing Security

  • Internet of things

  • Robotics

  • Mobility

  • Transformation of the Job

module 3

  • Big Data

  • Data Science and types of analysis

  • Big Data Accelerators

  • The Data

  • Digital Asset

  • Storage Challenges

  • Data Protection

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

module 4

  • Cybersecurity

  • Risk Elements

  • Type of Attack

  • IT Roles

  • IT Governance

  • Management and Control

  • Legal Compliance


The exam is 50 test questions done in 50 minutes. It is closed book.

Exam sessions must be arranged by Authorized Training Organizations (ATOs), and training delivered and mentored by Certified Instructors.

The exam can be done online and paper based.